Decolonizing Sustainability Study Group



The Decolonizing Sustainability Study Group at Utrecht University has been created in 2021. Our aim is to analyse imbalances and inequities in global change science, civil society and governance related to sustainability. We explore postcolonial structures in governance and search for novel ways to transform sustainability institutions, discourses, and practices towards more global inclusiveness and justice.

Our main approach is empirical. We provide quantitative data on the marginalization of voices from the Global South in science networks, civil society organizations and transnational institutions in global sustainability governance. We also analyse mainstream discourses in global sustainability governance and seek to identify hidden structures of domination and exclusion.

On this website we share information about our work, in the form of factsheets and academic publications. We also provide links to the work of others and additional useful resources for both scholars and practitioners.

We are based at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, but work with a global group of project affiliates who share our concerns and collaborate in our work. If you like to cooperate with our programme, we would love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at